Ch13 (ATCC HB-8573)
Human-Mouse Hybrid Cell

B lymphocyte Hybridoma
(Human B Cell, Mouse Myeloma)

Disease: Cancer

A hybridoma is a cell made from two different individuals or species which are fused together into a single cell. As such they defy current systems of classifications. Some of the hybridoma cells are said to be immortalised, which means that they can multiply indefinitely in the laboratory. Hybridomas are mainly used to create antibodies for therapeutic purposes. 

For Biomess, they sit inside a bioreactor, a surrogate technological “body” that hosts the living hybridomas, providing them with the conditions and nutrients necessary to live and multiply. 

Note: Due to the duration and location the Biomess display does not contain the living cells and the bioreactor is turned off. 


Story contribution:

Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr
Tissue Culture & Art Project
SymbioticA, The Centre for Excellence in Biological Arts
School of Human Sciences + School of Design
The University of Western Australia

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